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Petach Tikvah is always looking for people that want to help build the vision we have. Are you interested to come over to help us? We would love to hear from you! Get in touch!

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Petach Tikvah relies on the financial support of our partners around the world. If you would like to help us with a financial donation, please click below. Any amount is greatly appreciated! Support Petach Tikvah


Eelco en Karin

Eelco and Karin are the founders and leaders of Petach Tikvah and have three children.

In 1995 God opens their eyes for the second coming of the Messiah, Israel and the prophetic times in which we live today. At the end of 1998 they moved to Drenthe and in 2001 the organization Petach Tikvah was born. In the last 11 years they have been pioneering to give form to this vision.

Karin and Eelco live by faith in the provision of God and they bear the expenses of the farm by themselves. There is a small camping-site but the income isn’t enough to live from. If you want to help set them free as bearers of this vision, then your financial support is more than welcome. They need at least € 3000,- per month to bear all the expenses. When you give, it’s important to mention ‘Support Karin en Eelco’. Donations are deductible from taxes, because Petach Tikvah is approved as ‘ANBI’ by the tax collectors office. You can also support us through Paypal.

Eelco en KarinDe familie Schaap

Youth Team

A group of young people help us to prepare and lead our youth-evening (every Wednesday). Together they’re responsible for the organization of the Wednesday-evenings in practical and spiritual aspect.

We believe in a generation of young people that wants to live for Jesus radically and we think it’s great that the youth is taking responsibility and coming with new ideas.



Prayer is the engine behind all of our work and we keep seeing the power that comes from it.

Every Tuesday, Thursday and Friday we come together to pray for Petach Tikvah, Israel, our country, diseases, etc. We believe in the power of prayer.

You too are welcome on a prayer morning. Read more


Many other volunteers

There are active volunteers on many fronts. For instance, there are a volunteers that have been handling the administration and other office-tasks for years now. Others help us with practical work. Some volunteers have been coming to help every Friday for the past 10 years! Without help of volunteers this work would not have been possible. It goes without saying we are very grateful to have volunteers.

Interested in volunteering? Read more

Een aantal vrijwilligers


The management-team exist out of 4 couples that are involved in the vision of Petach Tikvah. Together they surround Karin and Eelco. Their role within Petach Tikvah is mainly to supervise and advise. Eelco and Karin are accountable to this management.

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