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We have a vision for a generation that serves God radically Jesus chose twelve disciples and formed the beginning of a movement by which many decided to follow Jesus. Unfortunately this movement became rigid in the third century after which it turned into an institute that rebelled against its Jewish roots. We want to go back to the movement Jesus started: (learn to) do what Jesus did and back to the DNA of the first congregation.

Our vision

  1. We want to be a centre of community, fellowship, prayer, training and education from a Biblical-Hebrew perspective. Our goal is to equip (young) people and support the congregation in sharing the gospel, also with the Jewish nations.
  2. We want to be part of the recovery of the body of Christ and believe that Israel is a key in all of this. That’s why we aim at reconciliation and building friendships between Jewish and non-Jewish people.
  3. We want to be a place where (Jewish) people can find support and shelter.