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Help projects

On of our goals is to give help and hope to the Jewish people. With help we mean help with returning to Israel, but also help to those that live under very poor circumstances. We work with local organisations that are involved with helping Jews to return (aliyah), as well as practical help.

Project Ezra

Ezra International helps Jewish people to return back to Israel. This process starts with the acquisition of all the right documents and permits, like a passport. This is an expensive and time-consuming process.

In 2011 Ezra International has helped 3144 Jewish people to return back to Israel. Thousands of people have asked for advice, and sometimes practical or financial help was given to in order to sort the paperwork out. 2682 Jews came from Russia, Ukraine, Moldavia, Georgia and Armenia; 445 were from muslim countries that Ezra works in, and 17 were from Argentina. Besides that were also many ‘fish’-journeys: these were meant to give Jewish families information about the possibility to make alijah.

The financial help through Petach Tikvah is an instrumental in all of this and we are very grateful for this. We hope to be able to help many more Jewish people in the coming years – and we can’t do so without your help!

Project Shalom Ministries

Many older Jews – often holocaust survivors – form a forgotten minority in the Ukraine. They often live far below the subsistence in very hard conditions. It shocks us that this group -the survivors- are so forgotten.

The are hardly any social services in the Ukraine. Without the help of Shalom Ministries many Jewish people would have died without help. That’s why we are glad to partner with Shalom Ministries. They have three soup kitchens: in Shepetovka (50 people), Mohyliv Podil’skyy (16 people) and in Vinnitsa (160 people).

People can get a warm meal from Monday to Friday, but the locations also serve as a meeting place for the lonely. Food packages are handed out to those that are in need.

You can help too!

A meal in the soup kitchens costs only €1,- and a food package costs €30,! Many Jewish people are touched by this help and say they wouldn’t have survived without it. Many ask: “why would you be doing this?”. Well, what’s better then being able to tell them about the love of Yeshua!

You can support these beautiful projects through Petach Tikvah. Please make sure to make us aware of the destination of your gift: so either Shalom Ministires, or Ezra Internional.