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Kesjer course

Learn about living with Jesus from the roots, and learn that the New Testament cannot be understood without the Old Testament. Kesjer is a Hebrew word and means ‘connections’. With the Kesjer-course you will be connected to the Messianic believers, who -as a result of the separation between Christian churches and the Jewish synagogue – have not been able to live out their Jewish identity.

Course contents

De Kesjer-cursus consists of 10 lessons, usually given fortnightly.

  • Jesus as a Jew
  • Jezus as a rabbi
  • Jezus as Messiah
  • The Jewish root of Scriptures
  • Redemption because of the Jews
  • The big Atonement
  • Christian anti-Semitism
  • Recovery and salvation of Israel
  • Israel – a prophecy fulfilled
  • Gods future for Israel

Every lesson contains a the main study, worship with Hebrew songs, as well as a minor study on Hebrew words.


We aim to run this course at least once a year. You can apply now, and when we reach 15 applicants we will plan course dates and contact you.

Are you interested in doing the Kesjer-course? Sent us an e-mail on info@petachtikvah.org.