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We feel closely connected to the following organisations and ministries

Ezra International

A christian organisation that helps Jews to return to Israel. We have been working with Ezra for a number of years, and we support their work financially. This organisation is operating on a global level.

Visit the website of Ezra International

Gateways Beyond International

A messianic community with a training program for young people. This ministry started in Cyprus, but new communities have started in the United States, France and Germany. We share a very similair vision to this ministry.

Visit the website of Gateways Beyond International

Harvest of Asher

A community in Israel, working on the restoration of the first congregation.

Visit the website of Harvest of Asher

Jersualem Hill Inn

A Messianic inn located close to Jerusalem.

Visit the website of Jersualem Hill Inn

Revive Israël

A messianic ministry whose primary goal is to help foster revival in the land of Israel.

Visit the website of Revive Israël

Succat Hallel

A place of 24 / 7 intercession and worship in Jerusalem. During our Israel Experience journey we always visit this special place.

Visit the website of Succat Hallel

Tents of Mercy

A ministry with a church-planting vision in Israel.

Visit the website of Tents of Mercy