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Appointment of heir

Appointment of heir

Besides family you can write down other people and even organizations in your last will. This way you can point out a good cause, like Petach Tikvah, as an inheritor. This is called an appointment of heir. The inheritors get their share of the inheritance once all rights of other inheritors are subtracted. A difference between the position of the legatee and the heir, is that an heir takes over all rights and duties of the deceased.

Tax concession

The benefit of an appointment of heir is that Petach Tikvah doesn’t have to pay any taxes or death duty. (Just to compare: family members of grade three like cousins and nieces, can get tax assessments up to 50 percent.)

For more information about this we direct you to the website of the tax collectors office. Or you can contact Petach Tikvah by phone number +31 (0) 593 592097 or send us an e-mail.