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Information for businesses

Have you ever considered to support a good cause with your company?

Project sponsoring

With your company you can adopt a specific project financially, by providing materials or with manpower. Besides that we can discuss the possibility to support us on a recurring basis, or for a single time.

Sponsoring in kind

Petach Tikvah has, like any other company, expenses for its activities. It goes without saying we try to keep these expenses as low as possible. We need a part of our income for fund-raising activities, for instance mailings.

As a company you can sponsor these activities, products or services so that Petach Tikvah can spend more money on its projects!
Also sponsoring in kind can be in the form of construction equipment, devices, furniture, etc. In exchange of a sponsoring we can –if desired- call positive attention to your company.

Would you like to sponsor us? Contact us. We’re eager to hear from you!

Our Sponsors

A few companies are sponsoring us. See the list below.

  • Renselaar Horeca Apparatuur BV
  • Fotogragisch atelier George Appelo